Well here we go….

After finding myself reading more and more blogs and annoying many people with silly comments, I figure I would make my comments “official” with my own blog.

I’m a Family medicine doctor that has practiced house call medicine for the past 7yrs in north Florida. I’m more than a little irritable about our crummy healthcare system but I try not to whine to much and have made my own way through the system with my unique practice.
I’ve been married to the same amazing woman for the past 9yrs, she has given me life and I have no problem letting people know that I worship at her feet pretty much constantly.
I have 5 children (soon to be 6) 4 boys and a baby girl, the most wonderful, difficult and important thing I have ever done.

I have never been “normal”, have never done things the “easy” way and in fact my wife tells me I have a mental disorder that requires me to always choose the most difficult paths when I’m faced with a decision.
regardless, I have been lucky and this bull headed view of the world has served me well so far.

I figured out in college that men are driven by 3 basic things… at 36yrs old, I dont think this has changed much. I love my family, I love my job, I love this amazing world I live in, but I still pretty much am driven by the same 3 things…

Woman, food, and shiny objects….

oh well… there I said it. I feel better.
at least my dog understands me, he pretty much is always looking for the same things.

now that all the superficial stuff is out of the way…. let’s get to it.


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