The Importance of Getting a Diagnosis, Yet Another Case for Good Primary Care

A new book called “When Doctors Dont Listen” was recently published and takes aim directly at Physicians and our listening skills, or seemingly lack of.  I personally find the book as rubbish that is pandering to a commercially popular idea of bashing doctors and blaming doctors for the sad state of healthcare in this country.  Certainly, MANY doctors out there have terrible bedside manner and poor listening skills, but I truly believe (which may be naive) that most doctors go into medicine with altruistic  intentions and generally work hard to “hear” their patients.  It is the “Healthcare System” that has created a “hearing” problem in the exam room, having pushed the typical primary care visit down to about 7 minutes.

But I am not going to whine and complain about that.  Diane Rheem Interviewed the authors in Jan 2013.  I listened to the whole interview and I seem to have taken a COMPLETELY different message away from the interview than Ms Rheem or her guest.   They talked at great length about the importance of getting the “right” diagnosis with the doctor.  I couldn’t agree more!

Am I the only one that listened to this and thought, “what a perfect argument for why we need good primary care?”   It seems to me that if we bolstered primary care physicians and gave them the TIME to actually do this wonderful thing of “listening”, then YES patients would get much better diagnosis and it would certainly lower healthcare cost and improve healthcare quality.

A real, “well duh!!!” moment.  But sadly… is anyone listening in the the “System?”


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