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As Some try to Capitalize on the Terrible

I’m sick to my stomach. As any decent human being would be at the cowardly assault on children.

But I’m mad at the despicable onslaught of people trying to capitalize on the issue.

the Media: for selling commercials. They should donate every penny they have made selling commercials for the past week to the people of Newtown.

Politicians: for seizing on the issue to push their agendas. Once again calling for covenants and restrictions that would likely have very little effect on criminals and would only serve to give the “illusion” of safety.

And anyone else who has even remotely profited from the fear and anxiety caused by this horrible act.

If you want a political response, how about this.
Bless our Teachers!
If any “major changes” should occur as a result of this, it should be how we treat our teachers and schools!
Instead of “beefing up security” or “putting guns in schools” or “taking guns away from everyone”, why don’t we start with praising the amazing and selfless sacrifice, love, and passion that was shown by these amazing adults in the face or pure evil.
Where are the politicians calling for a huge boost in education funding and teacher pay as a results of the remarkable job they do!?!?

you want to honor the children, then let’s EDUCATE THEM!!!